Musical Review

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Musical  Review


Barnum was a fanatic Show it was amazing. It was

Wonderful to seeing the Energy in the acting, Song and Dance.

Was very colourful. If you like  Circuses  this  show is for you.

It was a film originally. It is based on a real Person.

In the show Barnum wanted jenny Lind to be with him and his circus he liked her Voice. It was the sound of a bird.


This  will  give  your  excitement  buzzing. I will  give this

Show  100 stars.

By Kate Powell

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Current Research Projects: Invitations to Participate

University of Liverpool

Self-Understanding in Adolescents with Autistic Spectrum Condition, Down’s Syndrome and Williams Syndrome

You are invited to take part in a research study. This research will look at how young people with autism, Down’s syndrome and Williams syndrome understand themselves.
The way young people understand themselves is very important and plays a big part in how they feel and think about themselves as they get older.
We do not know very much about this area and hope that understanding this better will help young people with these conditions, their parents, carers, teachers and others.
Find out more on
To take part please contact or call 07894 535100.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill logo    University College Cork (UCC) logo

Adaption and Resiliency

We are inviting you to take part in a research project that we are conducting with parents of individuals with Down syndrome. The purpose of the study is to learn about factors that influence how families respond following the birth of a child with Down syndrome. This study is part of a larger cross-cultural study we will be conducting in at least 8 different countries (Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Thailand and the United States).
Who can participate?
If you are the parent of a child with Down syndrome, you are invited to participate. If you have a spouse or partner, he or she is also eligible to participate.
What will we ask you to do?
We will ask you to complete a series of questionnaires (this should take approximately 20-30 minutes) and if you would like, we will interview you. Generally the interview will be a telephone interview. The interview will take approximately 60-90 minutes. After you talk with us and complete the online survey we may contact you a second time if we need to clarify any information with you.
The project has been approved the Cork Research Ethics Committee and by the institutional review board for human subjects research at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. If you agree to take part, all information you give will be confidential. No one except our research team will have access to your information.
If you wish to be involved in this research, please email or telephone:
Dr Marcia Van Riper | | (919) 966-4284
Ms Maria Caples | | (021) 4901515
You also have the option of using one of the links below to access the survey directly (there is one link for mothers and one link for fathers – the surveys are exactly the same but if two people use the same computer to complete the survey, they need to use different links). If you agree to be interviewed, we will arrange to do the interview at a time that is convenient for you.
Link for mothers living in the UK:
Link for fathers living in the UK:
Link for mothers living in Ireland:
Link for fathers living in Ireland:
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My birthday

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My  Birthday

Yesterday   was my 36th birthday. I   was excitable

And very    happy. I had phone calls from my brothers and Sisters

My birthday Meal was moussaka. It  was a  active

Day and   enjoyable. I   had my friends Singing to me that was Special to me. My brother Richard came to see me in the

Evening  it was

Lovely seeing him on my Special day and had  such fun. I will

Never forget  that Memory . I  had  a magical time the

Food was marvellous, it was tasty and I had birthday messages as well.

What  a night I  have  had!

By Kate Powell

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WorkFit is now in the North East / North West of England & South East Wales

IMG_0766  IMG_0783
Due to its ongoing success, WorkFit has extended its reach and now has two dedicated Employment Development Officers: one covering the North East and North West of England and one covering South East Wales. We are actively looking for new employers to sign up in these regions as we have candidates ready, so if you would like to become a WorkFit employer, register for a no obligation, no fee assessment today at
We are delighted that award-winning restaurateur and chef Mitch Tonks has recently employed Sam in one of his restaurants. Sam already had an NVQ Level 2 in Hospitality and Catering so was well prepared for his new role.  Mitch and his staff have embraced the progressive ethos of WorkFit and are benefiting hugely from their new colleague’s input.  Mitch said
You can become a great chef or a great restaurant manager if you have the aspiration, it’s all about the attitude and that’s what we recognised in Sam … it’s helped us to become better people in our business; to help others who are perhaps in a different place in the world to us…”
 You can hear everything that Mitch has to say in this exclusive film: The RockFish Grill
We have placed people in other organisations large and small: from The National Trust, JoJo Maman Bébé, Cardiff University, Donna Karen and Travelodge to family-run, independent companies e.g. Brown’s Hairdressing Group, Morgan Richardson Insurance Brokers Ltd and Carter Chemists.  All of the employers have successfully tapped into a new talent pool of people, raising work aspirations across their businesses.
To become a WorkFit employer, sign up at or contact your local WorkFit Employment Officer on: 0333 1212 300,


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ASC/DS Meeting for Parents | 4 October 2014

ASC 2  ASC 3

By Stuart Mills | Information Officer | Down’s Syndrome Association

For the last few years we have held two meetings a year for families with a child with a dual diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition/Down’s Syndrome (ASC/DS). At our recent meeting there was a very good turnout with 26 parents and siblings who ensured that the day was lively, thought provoking and good humoured. We started the day with each family introducing their child and showing a photo of them.

As usual, we struggled to fit everything in with parents really keen to share their experiences with other parents who understood where they were coming from. For some, it was their first contact with the DSA and for others it was their first time at an ASC/DS Meeting. One mum said that she felt overwhelmed at visiting DSA’s offices and being surrounded by other parents ‘like her’. Many of the parents at the meeting felt that they did not fit into either the world of Down’s syndrome or the world of Autism. This makes our meetings and information sharing via the ASC/DS email forum all the more valuable because parents now feel that they have their own place.
Dr Jeremy Parr (Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant in paediatric neurodisability, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Newcastle) joined us via Skype to talk about whether we can improve our ability to make ASC diagnoses in young children with Down syndrome. Jeremy discussed why families may want to pursue a dual diagnosis for their child with Down’s syndrome. He suggested that an additional label aids understanding by professionals, families and friends and enables access to appropriate support and interventions. Jeremy’s research has lead him to believe that, if it happens at all, age 5 years might be an appropriate time for ASC screening to happen where parents have concerns about their child.
Dr Georgina Warner (Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London) talked about her research project looking at ‘Autism Symptoms and Behavioural Disturbances in Children with Down Syndrome in England and Wales’.
Georgina sent 1382 questionnaires called ‘Differences among children with Down syndrome’ to members of the DSA in England and Wales, and received 499 back. She considered it likely that families who had identified their child as somewhat ‘different’ to the stereotypical perception of DS were more likely to have responded as they personally identified with the title of the study. 37.7% of the children whose parents responded met the threshold for ASC.
Previous studies showed that around 15-20% of people with DS screen positive for ASC. Georgina’s research also shows that those with ASC/DS have an atypical profile which may be why parents find it difficult to get a diagnosis. Parents have told us that professionals have sometimes dismissed their worries about dual diagnosis on the grounds that their child does not have a certain trait typically found in people with just ASC. It may be that Georgina’s research will begin to raise awareness of ASC/DS, alter thinking about how this group of children present and lead to the development of more appropriate screening tools which improve diagnosis.
One of the messages that came across loud and clear from parents is the need to educate and inform professionals about ASC/DS. Despite the growing body of evidence around the co-existence of ASC/DS, parents told us that they often struggle to obtain a diagnosis for their child. To this end we are hoping to work with Dr Warner to look at ways to highlight her findings to relevant professionals so that awareness of the dual diagnosis is raised. Early detection of autism characteristics is important in order to receive appropriate intervention and support.
Feedback from one parent at the end of the meeting simply read ‘I am not alone!’
For information about future meetings please see the ASC/DS section our website.


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Spanish holiday

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Spanish holiday

Kate and her mum and dad, Sister Lorraine went on holiday.

We   went   together   by taxi to the Airport. It took a long time to get   though and we did.

I  was excited  as we were flying in the air, it was relaxing. We landed in Palma.  I did not stop Smiling

barbar's suprise party 309

A   taxi took us to the Cala Romantica Hotel it was a hot day. It was   lovely we had lovely rooms.

We had a balcony  we could see the Sunsets in early  evenings.  We looked around the complex. They had a big swimming pool.

The food was lovely,  the Staff were so friendly. Every day we had wonderful weather.

barbar's suprise party 328

They had Entertainment  in the evenings.  We loved visiting places  in Porto Cristo and Cala Millor  where they had

Beautiful beaches  we went swimming in  the sea it was warm.

Porto cristo is a historic place where…

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October Down2Earth – Apps, Websites and Technology

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Hi readers – welcome to the latest update from Down2Earth Group. Here’s what we got up to last week:

Down2Earth met up last Sunday to discuss technology and websites. First, we had a quick catch up on what we’ve all been up to – here’s a quick clip of Krystyna talking about her job and Tessy talking about her latest art project:

Poseidon and apps

After catching up and reminding ourselves of the rules of the group (listen when someone is talking, respect each other, turn off your mobile phone), we moved on to a presentation from Alexandra. Alexandra is a researcher for the POSEIDON Project, which is an EU funded project making technology and apps for people with Down’s syndrome. The projects wants to help people with Down’s syndrome live more independently. You can find out more about it here: POSEIDON Project.

Alexandra told us all about POSEIDON…

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